The Bears’ Khalil Mack is rightly credited with quietly paying off the holiday layaway accounts of 300-plus shoppers at the Walmart in his Florida hometown. That was an $80,000 holiday gift.

But how about here at home? We report this week that Village Administrator Tim Gillian just got a call from a resident who wanted to anonymously pay the overdue water bill of a random fellow Forest Parker. How about that!

Over at the library, staff has put up a holiday giving tree. Each “ornament” displays an amount owed in fines on a local child or teen’s library card. Can’t take out books if your fines are overdue. Community members can choose an ornament and pay off those fines. In less than a week more than $200 in fines have been cleared. That means those kids can start reading again. 

This is Forest Park in generous, inspiring, and anonymous action.