It might be hard to think about sunshine and swimming when there’s snow on the ground. But the Park District of Forest Park is already gearing up for pool season, including undertaking a project to make sure the pool slides are ready for use when the pool opens.

The two flume slides – the big twisty ones – at the pool are being resurfaced in advance of pool season this summer. The park district went out for bid this week looking for a contractor to get the slides in perfect condition for pool-goers.

According to Executive Director Jackie Iovinelli, last summer an emergency resurfacing had to be done on one of the two drop-slides, so the park district had the big slides inspected at the same time. The drop slides were redone in “record time,” said Iovinelli, only causing a three-day shut-down of their use.

Although the big slides were fit for the remainder of the summer, it was recommended that they be redone prior to summer 2020.

Iovinelli said she anticipates the project will cost at least $25,000 but won’t know for certain until bids are received. The goal is to award the winning bid at the March park district board meeting. The work should begin in April to ensure it’s completed by the time the pool opens at the end of May.

The resurfacing includes sanding down the surfaces and resealing them. The slides are waxed annually and inspected daily during open season.

Iovinelli said everyone at the park district is excited about summer season approaching. Adam Cumbee, the new communication and marketing director for the park district, has been posting a daily countdown to pool opening day on the park district’s Facebook page, with photos of the pool, filled with snow, and a message about how many days are left until people can swim again.

“Sunshine and swimming would sure be nice, but for now the pool is full of snow and ice! The good news? We’re only 86 days away from the Forest Park Aquatic Center opening!,” read the Feb. 27 update. See more at