Come fall, the rigor — and the opportunity for academic success that comes with it — will expand within the Proviso Township High Schools from the Math and Science Academy back out to Proviso East and Proviso West. 

The creation of International Baccalaureate programs at the two original high schools is a bold and necessary move in the continuing resurrection of this school district. For all the deserved plaudits PMSA receives, growing the pool of students challenged to excel beyond the Forest Park Academy is vital and overdue.

Working quickly, the district has invented this new model and has found ready reception from parents and students who want the rigor and who want to see it infused back into the neighborhood school model. Count us among them. Proviso East can never fully succeed unless it has a path for some portion of the student body to achieve at the most demanding academic levels.

“Believe in your people because these are the results you are going to get,” said outgoing Supt. Jesse Rodriguez. True words.