Last week, the county’s COVID-19 reporting website listed 82 cases of the illness in Forest Park. On Monday, it reported 108 cases. This jump of 26 cases may seem like a lot.

However, that number alone doesn’t tell the entire story since it encompasses the total number of cases to date, including those of people who have since recovered from the illness.

According to Kimberley Conrad Junius from the Cook County Department of Public Health, “In the past week, the percent positive [percent of positive results among those tested] in Forest Park went from 13.7 percent down to 10.1 percent. This trend is consistent with the overall decreasing trend in percent positives in our region and in Illinois, generally,” said Junius in an email on May 18.

Additionally, said Junius, “with increased testing, we expect to see more positive cases,” and she indicated that “it looks like testing increased in Forest Park.”

However, even with more testing and positive percentages potentially decreasing, Junius said people must do their part to stay safe.

“We want everyone to remember that even with business and school closures and a stay at home order in effect until May 30, the state is still reporting 2,000+ new cases in Illinois per day,” said Junius, who added that people need to stay vigilant about the following:

•      physical distancing (6 feet or more) from others

•      using a face covering when social distancing is not possible

•      handwashing

•      disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, and

•      staying home when sick

Overall, the county reported 24,463 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 1,033 deaths as of May 18.

In updated information from Illinois Department of Public Health, Aperion Forest Park, 8200 Roosevelt Rd., has two more total cases of COVID-19 as of May 18. The number has risen to 12. Only one COVID-19 death has been reported at the facility.