The Forest Park Chamber of Commerce is seeking help in sprucing up Madison Street for the summer.

Budget cuts due to significantly decreased Forest Park revenue have forced the village to forego filling the planters on Madison Street with flowers, but the chamber wants to make it happen.

The chamber’s Economic Advisory Committee identified initiatives and actions that will contribute to a successful recovery for the businesses in Forest Park. One of those action items includes beautification of Madison Street, Forest Park’s downtown corridor.

“A clean-looking, cheerful downtown district plays a large part in creating the feel of a clean, safe and inviting environment for consumers, visitors and even prospective tenants,” said the chamber in an email. “So the first two action items are power washing sidewalks and getting flowers in our planters.”

The chamber is working with McAdam Landscaping to purchase flowers, which will be planted by the village’s public works department.

According to the chamber, there are 62 large and small pots on Madison Street, including west of Desplaines Avenue. It will cost $150 to fill a large pot, and the chamber’s goal is to have flowers in each one.

Anyone interested in donating can contact Laurie Kokenes at