The south end sewer separation project will begin shortly after July 4, said Village Administration Tim Gillian. During a June 22 meeting the village council voted unanimously to award the project to Swallow Construction, the lowest bidder at $3,550.474, coming in well under the village engineer’s estimate of $5,571.278.50 for the project. Seven other contractors bid on the project as well.

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) will reimburse the village for 46.39 percent of the project cost.

The project will separate Circle Avenue sewers on the far south end of Forest Park, said Gillian, creating a separate system for storm and waste water, thereby directing less water into the Deep Tunnel.

“It will provide direct flooding relief to 160 homes,” said Gillian, “but will help all homes in the area indirectly.”

He said the village would communicate with residents and businesses in close proximity to the project to ensure they understand exactly what will be happening in terms of construction and how it will affect them.

During the council meeting, Commissioner Ryan Nero reminded residents that “just because these projects may not be on your block … any time we can complete these projects it’s better for all the residents.”

Flooding in the village has been a concern for years, with major water backing up in residents’ basements last month after heavy rains.