An exchange of gunfire following an attempted aggravated vehicular hijacking occurred near Dunlop Avenue and Roosevelt Road on Aug. 26 at around 3:03 p.m.

The victim, who possessed a valid Illinois Concealed Carry License, was sitting in his car on Dunlop Avenue near Roosevelt Road when a silver Chevrolet, possibly a Lumina, parked behind his vehicle, according to a press release from Forest Park Deputy Chief Ken Gross.

A Black male holding a handgun exited the passenger side of the Chevrolet and approached the victim. The suspect was approximately 18 years old and wearing a white shirt and grayish jeans. He ordered the victim out of his car and demanded the vehicle be given to him.

There was an exchange of gunfire between the victim and the offender, who got back into his vehicle, which fled northbound on the 1100 block of Lathrop Avenue.

The victim was not injured. It is unknown at this time if the offender or the driver of the offending vehicle were hit.

The Forest Park Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Unit is currently investigating.

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