More complex here in Cook County where for decades the final bit of the equation was always trying to figure out how the Cook County Assessor was trying to screw you, just what flavor the gaslighting would take.

So not a surprise that, when Forest Parkers finally got their triennial reassessments in the mail a month ago, a heady hike in assessed value made limbs start to tremble. Good then that Mayor Rory Hoskins got Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi and his staffers on a Zoom call a week back to explain the process, to layer on the added complexity of the assessor implementing a last minute COVID-19 adjustment reflecting the inevitable knock on values the economic pain of the pandemic is causing. Kaegi also took questions. And he wasn’t shy in laying out the challenges of finally, countywide, trying to make the assessment process a fair one, a non-political one.

Property tax assessments are still confusing. Trusting the person in charge helps plenty.