District 91’s all-remote model for learning is set to run until the end of the first quarter, Oct. 30. Currently, the district is discussing whether to continue with remote learning or return to some variation of in-person learning for the second quarter, which begins on Nov. 2.

The district is encouraging parents to fill out a survey to gather their opinions on what options they’d like to see for the second quarter.

Survey responses are due by Tuesday, Oct. 6 at noon.

The survey includes four options: full in-person, full remote (as it currently is), partial class of students in-person for the full day, and partial day in-person (with an a.m. or p.m. designation for each child).

The survey also elicits guardian opinions on concerns they have about returning to in-person instruction. Possible concerns include students, staff and parents not following health and safety protocols and building cleanliness. Parents can also list additional fears or issues they have.

Superintendent Lou Cavallo, the Forest Park Teachers’ Association executive board, the school board president, and Assistant Superintendent Ed Brophy will meet early next week to begin to review survey data and continue the discussion of what to do for the second quarter.

“We will collaboratively be looking at parent and teacher survey data, infection rate metrics, staffing, IDPH guidelines, etc. to determine our plan moving forward beyond Oct. 30.¬† We will release our plan as soon as possible,” said Cavallo in an email.

The survey is available on the district’s website at fpsd91.org.

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