Mayor Rory Hoskins has made it clear that his distribution of political signs doesn't represent the village and doesn't involve taxpayer dollars.

When Mayor Rory Hoskins posted a message on his Facebook page offering free “Vote Yes for the Fair Tax” signs and signs in support of presidential candidate Joe Biden, there were a lot of takers.

But not everyone was happy with the offer.

Some residents questioned whether the village is involved in distribution of the signs, either through philosophical or monetary support.

In an interview with the Review, Hoskins made it clear that the signs he is distributing come from him personally and reflect his own beliefs, not those of the village. No taxpayer money was spent on them, and no time was taken from Hoskins’ mayoral responsibilities to order or distribute them.

“I’m offering the signs through my non-taxpayer-funded Facebook page,” Hoskins said last week. “It’s public record that I was a Biden delegate. And although I hold a nonpartisan position in government, I still have my own personal opinions on politics as a citizen.”

Hoskins has never hidden his support for Biden.

In Nov. 2019, he helped organize local support for Biden’s presidential campaign through an event at Shanahan’s.

“It’s no secret I’ve been involved in the Democratic Party,” said Hoskins at the time, though then, too, he said he was working on that project on his own time and using no Forest Park village resources in his efforts.

Hoskins also was elected to serve as a 7th congressional district delegate for Biden at the Democratic National Convention in August.