This graph from the Cook County Department of Public Health shows Forest Park's COVID-19 numbers are rising about as quickly as those in the region as a whole.

COVID-19 cases in Illinois have been rising, and Forest Park is no exception, with 51 new cases reported last week and a 252 percent increase in confirmed cases over the past 14 days, reported by the Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH). This is a significant increase, bringing the town’s cumulative COVID-19 count to 445 cases as of Nov. 10.

As of Nov. 6, the COVID-19 seven-day rolling positivity rate for Region 10 (suburban Cook County) had risen to 12.2 percent, well over the 8 percent threshold set by the state and the highest it’s been since at least June 11, the earliest date for which data is available from the state.

Currently, all regions in Illinois are higher than COVID-19 thresholds set by the state in enough areas that extra restrictions have been instituted.