Eighth grade students wishing to apply to Proviso Math and Science Academy, including the academies at East and West, have just a few weeks left to complete the process. The last date to take one of the necessary tests is Dec. 12, so families with students wishing to apply to the academies need to be mindful of deadlines.

This year, the district is accepting only electronic applications, which can be found at pths209.org/Page/5135, the website where all information related to the application process is available.

PMSA and the two academies at East and West are public but admit students through selective enrollment, meaning students must apply to be accepted, and not everyone will make the cut.

Criteria used by the district when selecting students for admission to the academies is: test scores, transcripts and teacher recommendations.

Test scores

Test scores as a whole hold the biggest weight when it comes to a student’s total admission score, and there are several tests that must be completed as part of the application process.

  • PSAT 8/9: This test, which is weighted at 35 percent of an applicant’s total admissions score, was administered at foundation schools that feed into PTHS D209. Those testing dates have passed, but alternate testing dates are still available for students who were absent, live outside the district, or attend a private school. These dates include Dec. 5 at Proviso East, Dec. 5 remotely, and Dec. 12 remotely, according to the website at pths209.org/Page/5135.
  • The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test and written essay: The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test is weighted at 26 percent of the total application score and is given at the same time as the written essay, which is weighted at 10 percent. There are several dates still available in December. Visit pths209.org/Page/5135 to sign up for these tests.


Seventh grade transcripts, which account for 22 percent of the overall admission score, must come directly from the student’s middle school. Parents or guardians should contact the foundation school to have the transcripts released to D209.

Teacher recommendations

At least two recommendations from seventh or eighth grade teachers must be submitted on a student’s behalf. Teachers can access forms online at https://www.pths209.org/Page/5135 to complete a recommendation for a student.

The breakdown of admissions criteria is as follows:

PSAT 8/9: 35 percent

Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test: 26 percent

Essay: 10 percent

Seventh grade transcripts: 22 percent

Math teacher recommendation: 3.5 percent

Science teacher recommendation: 3.5 percent

The following students can apply to Proviso Math and Science Academies:

  • Eighth grade students who attend one of the Proviso Township High School (PTHS) D209 foundation schools.
  • Eight grade students that currently attend a private school but live in the PTHS D209 boundaries.
  • Eighth grade students who currently attend a middle school out of district, but whose permanent residence will be within the PTHS D209 boundaries by the time of enrollment in the 2021-22 school year.