Mr. Beef, famous for Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs, is opening at 123 Harlem Ave. in the former location of the Long John Silver restaurant. Like the now-gone fast-food seafood restaurant, Mr. Beef will have a drive-through, as well as dine-in service (when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted) and potentially an outdoor patio.

Some demolition on the current structure has already begun, though the new restaurant will rehab and use the existing building. The village is awaiting official building plans. Once plans are reviewed, permits will be issued.

The Mr. Beef in Forest Park will be the second restaurant under the same ownership as the Mr. Beef at 3917 N. Harlem in Chicago, according to an employee at that location.

This makes three drive-thru restaurants currently planned for Harlem Avenue: Mr. Beef at 123 Harlem, Chipotle at Harlem Avenue and Madison Street, and Taco Bell at 161 Harlem.