Forest Park Community Garden board members and volunteers met at garden on April 10 for some spring repairs, which included building and replacing 16 beds.

“It’s a big lift this year,” said the board member Jessica Rinks, since the beds were all originally built from 2009 to 2011, and some were in need of serious fixing.

The garden allows people to rent a bed for the season, and those spots fill up fast, Rinks said. There’s already a waiting list for this year.

The Community Garden also reserves and tends five plots where volunteers grow veggies for the Forest Park Food Pantry. And there’s the public Giving Garden, where vegetables and herbs are planted and can be harvested by anyone walking by.

Volunteers grow herbs and vegetables that can be harvested by anyone in the Giving Garden. | Maria Maxham/Editor

“It you’re out of rosemary, stop by the Giving Garden before going to the grocery store,” said President Kimberly Adami-Hawegawa.

Adami-Hasegawa said she’s excited to kick off this year’s gardening with other Community Garden board members and volunteers, and she gave a shout out to the village, which is always responsive to questions or needs the group has.

“They are awesome,” Adami-Hasegawa said.

The garden is located at the northwest corner of Harlem Avenue and interstate 290 expressway with entrance from the alley. Learn more at