Forest Park's new village administrator, Moses Amidei | Alex Rogals, Staff Photographer

Moses Amidei was unanimously approved by the village council as Forest Park’s new village administrator, replacing former administrator Tim Gillian. The May 10 vote was made with council members extending congratulations to Amidei.

Per the one-year contract, which ends on May 11, 2022, Amidei will be paid $119,000. He will be required to maintain the same office hours as the village clerk’s office and must attend regular and special meetings of the village council. The contract specifies that in addition to those hours, “it is recognized that the administrator must devote time outside the normal office hours to the business of the village.”

A $400 monthly car allowance will be provided to Amidei, and he will be given a key to the village gas pump or be compensated for fuel costs. He’ll get 10 days paid vacation and be provided with up to $4,000 annually for travel and related expenses for job-related meetings and professional development.

According to the contract, the agreement can be terminated by a majority vote of the council. On or before Aug. 11, a termination does not require severance pay. After Aug. 11, severance compensation is required. However if the termination is “for cause,” the village does not have an obligation to pay any severance. Cause, as defined in the contract, includes the following: “breach of any of the provisions of [the contract], a breach of administrator’s duty of loyalty to the village, any act of dishonesty or fraud with respect to the village.”