Forest Park public school teachers in 1892 posed for this photograph.  Seated- Miss Sophie Schmidt, Superintendent Frank Curtis. From left, with bicycle, Anna Rankin, Minie Schroeder, Miss Boyd, Elizabeth White (whom the Grant- White addition is named for) Mr. Maltbe, Miss Doer and Maimie McCormick, with bicycle on right.

The “Columbia Ladies Safety Bicycle” was advertised as a “modern machine” that allowed women to be mobile outside of the home. Now she could get around with out walking or with out a horse for long distances.   

The “Safety” frame accommodated skirts, but the most daring women wore bloomers. Bloomers were daring and practical.  The “rational clothing” movement and bicycle craze went hand in hand, as women did away with cumbersome skirts, bulky undergarments and became more independent and self sufficient.