This controversial painting took up many headlines in 2000.   Forest Parkers then were debating public art on buildings.  The center of the controversy was right at Madison and Circle. 

Robert Marani, owner of Tutto Tapas and Tutto to Go commissioned artist Romano Mashietto to paint celebrities along Circle Ave because it was “fun, different and progressive that was aesthetically pleasing to the entire community.”  

 The Village Council pulled the brush, putting  the 53 x 10 foot wall of art on an indefinite stop while they debated if it was a sign, a billboard, art or a mural.  Commissioner Laureen Thornton was very upset about a “obscene and atrocious” gesture on the celebrity wall.  The depiction of Michael Richards, the actor who played Kramer on “Seinfeld,” had him thumbing his nose at the rest of the mural. 

The artist, out of respect to the Commissioner, modified the gesture to a “peace” sign.