Rendering shows the village logo on the side of the south water tower. (Provided)
Rendering shows the village logo on the side of the south water tower. (Provided)

During a special board meeting on July 16, the Forest Park village council voted unanimously in favor of painting the village’s logo on the south water tower in the shades of blue and yellow/gold. 

Earlier this year, the village council tapped Tecorp, Inc. to rehab the tower at a cost of $674,200. As previously reported, the paint job is more than superficial. 

“The paint is there to protect the tower itself so that it doesn’t rust, and that it preserves the longevity of the structure,” Jim Amelio, of Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd., said during a meeting on Feb. 8. “I think technically it’s a 20-to-25-year life expectancy per paint job, and I believe that we are kind of at the high end of that right now.”

Tecorp will paint the inside and outside of the half million-gallon water tower. 

At the July 16 meeting, Commissioner Jennifer Voogd presented the proposed color samples to the board. Voogd said the dominant color in the village’s logo, Reflex Blue, is a shade of blue that “has a little bit more purple hue to it” and isn’t a color the contractors can replicate for the paint they’re using on the water tower. 

“I think we kind of came to a good compromise,” Voogd said. 

According to a memo the village produced ahead of the July 16 meeting, the “shade of yellow that is used in our logo may be too light for use upon the water tower and may be hard to see. A darker shade of yellow/gold is being proposed as an alternative.” 

The village also plans to repaint and rehabilitate the north water tower as part of its 2021 list of capital projects.