I am writing because I was shocked by the article written on the car wash and the noise pollution. This is an important topic that can have a huge effect on the community.

I am currently getting my PhD in clinical psychology at Loyola and have a particular focus on sleep research. Here are some resources for the resident in the story if she wanted data to support her argument that noise can be harmful to the community.

First, here is a link to research on sleep and noise pollution that was reviewed by the National Sleep Foundation: https://www.sleepfoundation.org/noise-and-sleep

Second, many individuals need to sleep during the daytime including shift workers (e.g. nurses) and young children/infants. This noise pollution could be particularly problematic for these populations. Shift workers are already at heightened risk for workplace accidents due to their already disrupted sleep schedule. Increased challenges sleeping during the day could be especially risky. In addition, sleep is incredibly important for children’s brain development and mood regulation. 

I was moved by how important this article was for sleep in Forest Park residents. I imagine many work in hospital settings and struggle with noise pollution during the day or at night. I’m especially reminded by this when I’m awoken by motorcycles in the middle of the night! 

I hope this helps!

Laura Nicholson, Forest Park