Andrew Georgelos stands in front of his 1923 Nelson Le Moon Deluxe Delivery Truck outside Circle Food Mart. The photo appears to have been taken in the alley behind the store, as the building at 7230 Madison St., where Kribi Coffee is located today, can be seen in the background.

For more than 50 years, Andrew Georgelos ran Circle Food Market at 7332 Madison St. When he opened in 1923, the grocery store owner across the street spread the word that he would be lucky to last four months.   

Over the years it would be known as Circle Fruit and Vegetables, Circle Food and Circle Market. It made front page news in 1926 when the store was decorated with orange blossoms that were mailed from San Gabriel, California, by Henry Stover, father of mailman George Stover.  

Circle has been a popular name in businesses on or near the street in Forest Park. Some include Circle Bakery, Circle Bowling Lanes, Circle Bootery, Circle Inn, Circle Pizza, Circle Service Station, Circle Theater and Circle Video.

Jill Wagner