Mrs. Patricia Hemstreet

The local village elections in April 1971 featured the first female candidate for village council, Mrs. Patricia Hemstreet. Her campaign was sponsored by the “Throw the Rascals Out,” committee and she was one of eight commissioner candidates.

  Her campaign ad in the Review focused on the “bashfulness” of elected officials in addressing litter, streetlights, street repair, abandoned sidewalk projects and abandoned automobiles in town. While her campaign never mentioned her gender, she was breaking ground for future female leaders in Forest Park. She was the sixth highest vote getter, with 1,995 votes, falling short and placing in sixth place. 

 The newly elected Mayor Howard Mohr joined Sana Rizzo, Ed Lamke, John Hanley and Jim Sansone would kick off their leadership with the announcement of three volunteer lead committees: Finance, Youth and Environment.