My name is Lachlan, and I am 11 years old.

I am concerned about our country, in that I do not often see people wearing masks or clear protection against COVID-19.

I would prefer if the U.S. government (or any authoritative or influential figure) shared these and similar concerns, but unfortunately I am not so lucky.

I personally would quite like to have a life, but for some reason the force that is supposed to step in and do things in emergencies is currently imploding under political division and inactivity to care about COVID.

So it is up to us to do what we can to fight this pandemic, and at that task, we have failed. So far.

I strongly encourage you to do some work helping people recover/protect themselves from the coronavirus, and I have provided a list of things that you can do to help:

  • Pressure the government to do everything they can do:
  • Ensure mask mandates
  • Buy and provide Omicron vaccines, high quality (KF-94/N-95) masks and tests on as large a scale as possible
  • Improve COVID safety in federal and state buildings by installing COVID-killing UV lights and/or a better ventilation system
  • Donate money to trustworthy COVID charities (feel free to explore yourself):

  • Take safety measures if you haven’t already (if you are susceptible, please take extra precautions):

Wear a mask (KF-94/N-95)

Get you and your kid(s) (if you have any) vaccinated (if possible)

Get tested as much as possible/you are comfortable with

  • In your house/any buildings you own, within reason and comfort, take the steps indicated earlier for federal and state buildings
  • Convince people to do any of the things listed above.

Conclusion: Stop pretending COVID is over and do something.

Lachlan Poirier, Forest Park