Owner of Laos to your House, Stacy Seuamsothabandith making Jeow Som dipping sauce which is a mix of sweet, sour and savory flavors. | Shanel Romain

Laos to Your House, a new West Side-based kitchen featuring Lao cuisine, is now offering pickup and delivery within a five-mile radius of its base at The Hatchery Chicago, 135 N. Kedzie Ave.

Stacey Seuamsothabandith, an owner, says this is a family-owned kitchen with roots in an immigrant experience as family left Laos in the 1970s amid war and political unrest. Eventually settling in America the family worked to gather a Lao community around them while connecting with American neighbors. While language was a barrier the family found connection by sharing Lao culture and especially Lao cuisine. 

Owners of Laos to your House, Stacy Seuamsothabandith and Byron Gully prepares online orders on Friday, Jan. 13. | Shanel Romain

Determined that Lao dishes should not be the “forgotten Asian” cuisine, the family has moved to share its recipes and culture with a growing and devoted following. 

The mission of the family-owned kitchen is to share the story, culture and cuisine of Laos. The dishes feature fresh herbs and the natural spices of chilis. They also recommend “a nice shot of cognac” with their meals.

Find out more and place an order at laostoyourhouse.com