Since 1970, I have been supporting candidates who share my values and progressive views. I have been particularly impressed by Mayor Rory Hoskins of Forest Park. While a Forest Park commissioner, the mayor informed me about the CDBG, Community Development Block Grants available in Forest Park. The previous mayor informed me during a break in a council meeting that I was the first person to request that a certain percentage of CDBG funds were to be utilized to support non-for-profit organizations. He responded that all the money went to Forest Park infrastructure. Rory voted against this  CDBG use of monies.

I support Mayor Hoskins for reelection because he:

  • Works with elected officials to procure needed funds to improve Forest Park infrastructure. Obtained $750,000 through the state to tear down the crumbling Altenheim building. Worked with county to establish Covid shot and testing site.
  • Established an Altenheim commission of people with different expertise to find viable ways that benefit the community through taxes and preserving open space.
  • Upgraded pay for female employees to be commensurate with men’s salaries.
  • Collaborates with and is supported by mayors of surrounding communities.
  • Brought back the Citizen’s Police Academy
  • Appointed a diversity commission. 
  • Respects cultures and religions as evidenced by the Menorah in Constitution Court.
  • The first mayor in the near west suburbs to sponsor a Juneteenth event.
  • Welcomed new businesses owned by women and a diversity of people.
  • Worked with The Night Ministry and Showers Up to provide services at the end of the Blue Line for our most vulnerable citizens.
  • Kept us safe by requiring masks for restaurants and business owners following state guidelines and closing bars disruptive to the community.

Rory is a family man who has successfully raised 3 grown children with his wife Monique. He continues to support and advocate for his youngest son with special needs.

Leah Shapiro

Forest Park