Many from the village of Maywood know me, Mary “May” Larry. I have always found it important to be active in all things I am a part of, especially my community, which I have served since landing here in 1970. I am one of the candidates for Maywood village trustee, on a slate called My Maywood, because I know I can get the job done with knowledge of policies and procedures. 

We could promise economic revitalization. But hasn’t nearly everyone over the last 17 years promised that and not produced it? Why? Because it takes a village! When it comes to making decisions on economic projects or next year’s budget or next year’s taxes, no one trustee has more or less power. It takes the whole body to do what is required of them. 

That is why it is imperative that the residents help with this very big job — by the beautification of their blocks, helping our senior citizens and youth, participating in MAPS, keeping an eye out for each other, and asking shopkeepers to keep up their place of business while supporting them too. One needs to feel the positive energy in a community that will call others to want to be a part of it. That’s what’s going to bring about economic revitalization. 

The trustee’s job is very clear. A trustee is part of the legislative body that governs the community by approving new revenue sources and expenditures or enacting new legislation allowing for a better tomorrow. Any person who claims they can better our current situation simply by being elected is offering false promises. It takes a village! 

The My Maywood Team is sure your reader’s won’t let false promises — from those who appear to be career politicians, shady or of questionable character, or those who have recently come on the scene — fool them. Current and past incumbents are proof of what cannot be quickly accomplished. 

We can deliver what we promise, through ethical and informed decisions made in the best interest of the people of the village of Maywood, and expecting nothing less from my running mate Diann W. Baker.

Mary ‘May’ Larry