In 1918, the corner of Lathrop and Madison was home to Edwin H. Gaden’s Buffet.  He proudly served Magnet Beer from the Atlas Brewing Co., which is clearly advertised along the Lathrop corner of the building. The Atlas Brewing Co. (684-706 Blue Island Ave. in Chicago) advertised their Magnet Beer as “The Synonym for Purity, Sparkle, Snap and Delicacy. The Table Beer of Today.” Magnet Beer claimed to be the “Best and Most Healthful Beer.” In 1920 the Gaden Buffet would get council approval for four pool tables and permission to sell cigarettes, which no doubt paired nicely, health-wise, with Magnet Beer patrons.

Jill Wagner

Historical Society of Forest Park Archives.

Edwin H. Gaden’s Buffet at 7607 Madison in 1918 was at the corner of Lathrop Avenue and Madison Street.