I am appalled by the behind-the-scenes maneuverings that apparently went on before the May 8 village council meeting. The top vote-getter for commissioner traditionally takes over the Accounts and Finance Department, which apparently also includes the position of vice mayor. This traditional arrangement makes sense, since that commissioner clearly has garnered the most support from the voters. 

But instead of the commissioner with the most votes — someone who got more votes than the mayor himself — we have a person who was hand-picked by the mayor to be appointed to Dan Novak’s vacated seat in that position. This reeks of cronyism and backscratching. End runs around the will of the voters were something I came to expect from the last mayor, I did not expect it from this one. 

I would like to thank Commissioner Rogovin for refusing to go along with this farce, which is more than I can say for Commissioner Nero, who meekly went along to get along.

Kristen McCoy
Forest Park