Residents of Forest Park who wanted an extra colorful way to celebrate Pride month attended the Rainbow Walk & Roll event on Sat., June 3 to get an early start on the month’s festivities. 

The Walk & Roll event was a partnership between the Forest Park Public Library, 7555 Jackson Blvd., and Forest Park School District 91. 

“The partnership was fairly simple,” said Nurys Uceta-Ramos, family and community engagement manager for District 91. “The library reached out to us with the idea, and we were excited to be a part of it.” 

The event started at Garfield Elementary School, 543 Hannah Ave., at 8 a.m.

Shannon Wood, District 91 school board president, attended the event and said it was great to see so many supportive members of the Forest Park community come together to celebrate Pride month. 

“There were so many smiles — families and community members,” Wood said. “This was an event that reminds me how our community can and does come together for one another.” 

Woods said the library provided flags and ribbons for participants to carry during the walk and at the end those who wanted to participate could throw colorful powder up in the air, which was a big hit with children.

“It was very exciting to see our community come and support the event in a safe and respectful manner,” Uceta-Ramos said.