The Friends of the Forest Park Library have presented Zeno Jacquet $125 to be used for the Literacy Volunteers Program. Zeno is a tireless worker for the Friends of the Forest Park Library, Literacy Volunteers, Friends of the Oak Park Symphony, the Harlem Maennerchor and just about any organization that asks for his help. Ask Georgette, his patient wife who stays home and takes his phone calls (just kidding).

Zeno is also a great promoter for the wonderful work these literacy volunteers do. They assist adult non-readers and poor readers in improving their reading skills and getting more out of life. This tutoring is done at the Forest Park Library. When children see their parents improving their reading, the children may likewise become beneficiaries of this new learning and parents are better able to help children with schoolwork if they, themselves are better readers.

If you are interested in Literacy Volunteers of Western Cook County, call 848-8499. Angela West will answer your questions. Their big project on April 14 is the Spell-a-Thon to be held at Holley Court Terrace, 1111 Ontario St. in Oak Park. You can help out the program by buying a “word” or “a letter.” Words are $50, letters $25. Each year volunteers help more than 200 adults enhance their basic literacy skills in English so they can increase their life skills, employability and become contributors to society.

The days are drawing to a close at IHM. This fine old school is getting ready for the last “Quest Fest” Presentation. This program leads to an honors diploma in which students are given topics to develop. Caitlin Kozlowski’s project is How did World War II affect immigration to the U.S.? The projects will be presented to the IHM Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, mentors and invited guests. Students chosen for this program are independent learners, researchers, highly motivated and capable of quality reasoning. Students in the program must have taken honor classes and maintained a 3.0 average GPA throughout their high school career. This program will take place Thursday, March 16 at 1:45 p.m. in the IHM Library.

IHM seniors win OBAACI awards: for the fifth year, the school has been invited to participate in this leadership academy sponsored by the Oak Brook Area Association of Commerce & Industry. IHM has been the only Catholic girls’ high school to participate.

Remember the concert at Saint John’s Sunday, March 20 at 7 p.m. The Christus Chorus and Concert Band of Concordia in St. Paul Minnesota, a 35 voice choir and 30 piece wind ensemble will perform all types of music. No admission fees for this 90 minute concert.

Bev Thomopson and all the gang at the Community Center are excited about the recent decision to invite seniors from surrounding communities to join our Senior Citizens Club. You must be between the ages of 60 to 99 to belong! And they’re off to Memphis and Tunica, Miss. May 23- 27. They’ll stop at Clarksdale, Miss., home of Tennessee Williams, Muddy Waters, W.C. Handy and others. They’ll visit Graceland (Irene and Celeste Cosgrove take note), have dinner on famous Beale Street, home of the Blues, and lots and lots of other stuff you’re sure to enjoy. Call 771-7737 for reservations and/or information.

Belated happy birthday to Dorothy Olson on March 9. This week you can wish a happy birthday to Vandria Stevens, Jessica Conrad and Kathleen Pacudan on March 16; on March 17 a St. Patrick’s happy birthday wish to John Costello, Matt Lyons and Sarah Buzanski; on March 18, Tiffany Cecilia and Helen Williams, Ken Jasper, Dino Panzani, Kevin Sallerwaite and Katie Miller all get a birthday wish; on March 19 don’t forget St. Joseph and Geoff Flight, Ed Huebner, Tara Cassiani, Dan Gallina, Joe Gianelli, Steve Urban and Christel Freeman; on March 20 spring begins and it’s the birthday of Alexandria Reina, Lauren Haeger, Bob O’Brien and Ryan Mollo; and happy anniversary time for Janet and Elmer Mittelhauser. March 21 and happy birthday to Andrew Huebner, Grace Snyder and Peter Zapotek; and happy anniversary to Mr. & Mrs.Greg Horvath. March 22 and happy birthday to John Huebner and Natalie Mazzone; March 23 to Tom Reich, Gary Steger, Terry Uidl and Hillary Rutak.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...