Once upon a park

The Forest Park Amusement Park, which was located at the current-day intersection of Des Plaines Avenue and the Eisenhower Expressway, […]

‘Rosies’ of Forest Park

After President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared a national emergency in September 1939, the country had a need to produce ordnance materials […]

Throne of honor

To honor their family matriarch’s 86th birthday, and for many years after, Providenza Imburgia’s relatives displayed messages on a bench […]

Synonymous with service

The first (and only) woman to hold the highest elected office of mayor in Forest Park was Lorraine Popelka. She […]

Bloomer girls

The Boston Bloomer team was organized in the 1880s and brought to Forest Park in 1937 by Emery Parichy.   Parichy […]

Double spirit

Pepi and Martin Flores from Forest Park are shown here receiving the Soccer Team Spirit awards from St. Joseph’s High School in […]


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