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How can I join the conversation? 

There are two ways to to be a part of the conversation on what is happening in the community:

1) You can follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and participate in the comment sections.

2) You can submit a letter to the editor by filling out this form.


If you want to pitch us a story, you can do so by filling out this form.


How do I submit an obituary?

Obituaries are published free of charge and can be submitted by filling out this form.


Can I get home delivery of the Forest Park Review?

The Forest Park Review is published weekly on Wednesday.  Newspapers are delivered through US mail.  To subscribe to the home delivered mail click here. 

When should I expect delivery of my newspaper?

Delivery in Forest Park,  Oak Park, River Forest, Riverside, or Brookfield should occur on Wednesday.  Subscribers outside of these communities should receive the paper 3-5 days from the mail date, through the U.S. Postal Service.  Report delivery problems to the circulation department at (708) 524-8300 x 5 or email

 Where can I purchase a newspaper?

Forest Park Review newspaper is available for $2 and sold at the following locations: 

  • 7-11 | 7749 Roosevelt, Forest Park
  • 7-11 | 205 S Harlem, Forest Park
  • Amoco/BP | 7200 Washington, Forest Park
  • Citgo Refiners Pride | 7323 Randolph St., Forest Park
  • Ed’s Way Foods | 946 Beloit, Forest Park
  • Thornton’s | 601 S Harlem Ave. Forest Park
  • Famous Liquors7751 Madison St., Forest Park
  • Walgreens | 7200 Roosevelt, Forest Park
  • Newsbox | 7422 Madison St.

Can I purchase archived copies of the paper?

We have a limited supply of newspapers at our main office available for purchase.  Please contact the circulation office by email or call us at (708) 524-8300.

Can I purchase a photograph or page of the paper?

Please contact the circulation office by email or call us at (708) 524-8300.


How do I suspend or cancel delivery?

To temporarily suspend delivery while on vacation, or cancel delivery contact the circulation office by emailing or by calling (708) 524-8300.  Provide the stop date and if known, the date to resume. Changes made will take one week to be processed.

 How do I change my delivery or billing address?

Click here to log into the subscriber portal to manage your account. From the home screen select “my account” to change address. 

How can I pay for my subscription renewal?

Click here to log into or to sign up and follow the link to view your account status and pay with a credit card.  For any other questions or payment types, contact the circulation office at (708)-524-8300.

 How do I receive email newsletters?

Sign up for email newsletter about breaking news,  by clicking this link.

How do I submit a letter to the editor?

Our mission is to have healthy conversations about community concerns.  We welcome you views, on any topic of community interest as essays and letters to the editor, or public letters of thanks.  You can do this by filling out this submission form.

Questions about letters can be sent to Maria Maxham at

Please understand our verification process and circumstances that would lead us not to print a letter or essay.  We will call to check that what we received with your signature is something you sent.  If we can’t make that verification, we will not print what was sent.  When, in addition to opinion, a letter or essay includes information presented as fact, we will check the reference.  If we cannot confirm a detail, we may not print the letter or essay.