Some of Forest Park’s travelers are home. They went early to avoid the summer rush.

Here’s Dave Winter, home from his extended South Pacific/Asia experience in (take a deep breath) Hawaii, Tango, Bora Bora, Tahiti, New Zealand (visited the set of Lord of the Rings), Milford Sound and several ports in Australia, including Sydney, Tasmania, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin and I’ve forgotten where else.

Then it was off to Viet Nam, Thailand and Singapore.

While he was in Sydney Dave attended the opera “Tosca” in the famous Sydney Opera House. Dave was asea (there’s a crossword entry for you) a total of 64 days! Obviously the guy knows how to live.

Elfie Pett and Ellie Clifton spent spring in Italy soaking up the beauty, culture, food and shopping opportunities afforded in Rome, Sienna, Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Capri, Sorrento, Naples, Pompeii and a leisurely spin along the Amalfi Drive.

The good times were interrupted briefly when Elfie fell coming out of the hotel in Venice and fractured her wrist. She was well cared for in a Venetian hospital and is doing just fine.

As I write this stuff it is the Friday before elections so I have no idea what the outcomes will be.

So, Congratulations to the winners, congratulations to the losers.

I still think the best way to determine who gets in office is to pull names out of a hat. Anyone interested in holding an office just puts his name into that specific hat. Names are drawn and lots of money and time are saved. Nobody is mad at anybody for the rest of their life.

Sure, you’ll get some real jerks, but you’ll probably get some good leaders, too. Just as you do when you do it the conventional way.

Bev Thompson says there are a few seats left on the bus for the TUNICA trip. You hear Tunica advertised all over TV lately. You’ll leave May 23 and return on May 27.

Most breakfasts, dinners and one lunch are included. You’ll visit Graceland, enjoy dinner on Beale Street, visit Schwabs Dry Goods Store, tour Memphis and more. But hurry! there are just a few seats left. Call 771.7737 to reserve your seat

A trip to the Black Hills and Mt Rushmore is in the planning stage over at the community center. It will probably be September 18–24. Details are being worked out. Your May/June newsletter can be picked up at the center after April 5 or you can wait until it arrives in the mail a bit later this month.

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