Dear Cathy,

Thank you very much for your note and writing sample and I hope this analysis helps you learn a little more about yourself.

Your writing is legible, disconnected, rightward, and has a large lower zone. It also has a stiff or rigid quality about it that certainly could result from arthritis.

You have a large lower zone (lower loops much larger than upper loops). This large lower zone reveals strong materialistic and sexual impulses, and suggests that you are doing a lot of self-analysis with emphasis on your psycho-sexual history. You are doing a lot of inner probing trying to determine how you got to be the person you are today.

This, by the way, also means that you are probably not very happy with you current socio-psycho-sexual situation. You see the need to improve and you are willing to do whatever is necessary to make things better.

You are a realistic and bright person, Cathy, but you are feeling frustration because you do not have appropriate sexual or social outlets. You also feel strong need for money, variety, and security.

You are an emotionally responsive person, Cathy, and you are unselfish and affectionate.

You have creative ideas, musical talent and physical energy, but you need help in getting everything together, so I would suggest that you get some counseling, if you are not now receiving it.

Your letters are not connected and this shows intuitive thinking, emotional sensitivity, imagination and vision, along with artistic and musical talent. You also have a fluid mind and this means you have the ability to express yourself well, especially in writing.

You are a person with intelligence and talent and I’m sure it would help if you could find a more suitable occupation or a better job. The fact that your small E’s are looped on the bottom but not on the top means that you are better at theorizing than at following through, and this is another reason for therapy.

In addition to the above qualities, Cathy, you are also shy, cautious, proud, traditional, skeptical, independent, proud and trustworthy.

You have a lot going for you. Let me know if you need assistance in finding an appropriate therapist.

Peace and happiness to you. I believe you will feel a lot better about yourself when you find suitable employment.

Dr. Murray is a certified writing analyst, graduate of the International Graphoanalysis Institute and a member of the American Association of Handwriting Analysts. He is also an experienced educator, school social worker and family therapist in Forest Park.

If you would like to have your handwriting analyzed, send a sample of your writing on unlined paper. Please state your age and sex and any specific questions you would like addressed in the analysis. Send to: James Murray, Wednesday Journal, 141 S. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302. Your name will not be used.