Dear Ray,

Thank you very much for sending in a sample of your handwriting via your boss.

Your writing is really large, rightward, fast, rising printing and this provides several clues about your personality.

You print, Ray, but write your signature in cursive. A person who does this is attempting to communicate his thoughts but not his identity, so I know you are secretive, creative and not very self-confident.

Your signature is also large which suggests a strong desire to achieve a prominent place in public life, while trying to keep your weaknesses a secret. Your signature is also much less legible than your message, meaning again that you are more comfortable sharing your thoughts and ideas than your personal feelings.

You print quickly and you have many “V” and upside-down “V” formations (especially in your small Rs, Ns, and Ms), so I know you are a very intelligent guy. You think quickly and have a great deal of mental energy. You learn quickly and have the ability to size up situations and make decisions easily. You have much more mental self-assurance than social self-confidence.

Ray, your printing rises and slants to the right (except your capital I). Right slanting script means that you are sociable, spontaneous, enthusiastic, generous, expressive and optimistic, along with being ambitious and energetic. You are kind to people and accepting of human weakness except for your own.

Your backward personal pronoun, I, means that you are much harder on yourself than on others and at times you can be your own worst enemy.

The fact that you are both bright and emotional also means that you can be sarcastic and caustic. Your quick wit allows you to keep others at a safe emotional distance through sarcasm. It is more of a self-protective emotional device than an expression of meanness.

You print, Ray, partially for legibility but also for emotional security. By not joining your letters you are also isolating yourself from your environment socially and psychologically. You really have a fear of emotional closeness while still desiring it. This is a conflict you will have to resolve.

Good luck to you. Tell your boss it is now her turn.

Good luck.