Forest Park will pay only a small portion of the cost of a new pedestrian bridge across the Desplaines River under terms approved by the village council Monday.

The village council unanimously approved two intergovernmental agreements between the CTA and the villages of Forest Park and Maywood “for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a pedestrian bridge and trail to link the CTA Blue Line to the Prairie Path as it extends west across 1st Avenue in Maywood.”

The agreements were worked on by representatives of all government units and give Maywood design and engineering authority over the project, Village Administrator Michael Sturino stated in a memo to the council.

Forest Park, he writes, will have design review over the project and is projected to incur only $30,000 in costs associated with this project.

The agreements also provide for path maintenance, a responsibility which will be rotated between the villages, transferring every May 1.

The agreement may have to be modified in the near future, however, as the CTA recently became aware of some ‘land ownership issues’ with Cook County.

“There is a slim likelihood there may be some issues with the County of Cook,” Mayor Anthony Calderone said. “We don’t see it as an impediment but it could potentially be that if there was an issue they would like to be a party to this agreement.”

Sturino echoed the mayor’s comments, adding that any amendment shouldn’t affect the substance of the agreement and he urged the commissioners to approve the agreement before state funds were reprogrammed to another project.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $560,273 and it will be mostly funded by a grant from the state’s Operation Green Light Funds in the amount of $510,000. The remaining balance of $50,273 will be split equally between Maywood and Forest Park, with each paying approximately $25,136.