Getting into shape should be its own reward but Run Chicago offers so much more. Every Monday evening the new Forest Park business has a group of joggers get together at 6:30 p.m. and run a previously mapped out 5K (3.1 miles).

The weekly runs are sponsored by Brooks Sports Inc. and for every 10 runs the store gives away a pair of Brooks socks. After 20 runs the joggers get a T-shirt and after 30, a free long sleeve T-shirt.

The store offers the jogs to experienced runners as well as to those who do not have the motivation to run by themselves.

“It’s a great way to meet people from the community and to motivate yourself to go out and run to stay in shape,” said store co-owner Brian Connelly. “People are creatures of habit so we hope they can get into the habit of running with us and running all together.”

The runs are also great practice for all involved, since Run Chicago will be hosting a marathon race on November 6. All proceeds from that race will go to the Golden Apple Foundation which supports teaching programs.

“Pretty soon we hope to have a group of runners training with us for that race,” Connelly added. “We hope that those who want to stop at the 5K mark will, and that those training will keep running for another 5K.”

However, the Monday night run is not just for runners”the store hopes to gather a group of walkers as well.

“We understand that running isn’t for everybody so we are encouraging walkers to come aboard and walk the 5K,” Connelly said.