Forty Years Ago
S.O.S. ” Same Old Story. V.I.P. ” Village Improvement Program, and a new Forest Park. The old story was a good cause but a lousy turnout of voters. The issue was improved roads and an updated water and sewage system. After a hundred years such changes were deemed necessary. The ducks were all in a row, yet the determination of a few was squelched by the indifference of so many no-shows at earlier village hall input meetings amd later at the voting booths. Sponsors of the program had also put out much V.I.P. literatue. With a turnout of only 2,112 the referendum was defeated by 192 votes.

Much talk the last few years about the use and disposal of the Roos Building at Circle and Harrison. The man for whom it was named, Al “Pappy” Roos, a longtime public figure here, died at 83. He came to Forest Park in 1893 when the town’s name was Harlem.

And Mark King, 2½, learned that when you put your arm through a window the pane goes away and the pain takes over. How many stitches? Info not given, but I could just hear the doctor say, “I’m busy. Do you think I have nothing better to do than count stitches?”

From the June/July 1965 issues of the Forest Park Review

Thirty Years Ago
“Dear Sally: I’m a decent girl of 20 and I operate a cigarette, cigar and snack concession in the lobby of a large office building. There’s a certain fresh, middle-aged man in the building who gives me lots of trouble. He stops at my stand, leans on the counter and makes insinuating and downright indecent remarks to me. He once sidled around the end of he counter to give me a pat on my you-know-what. I’m fed up with his boorish behavior, and I happen to know his boss. Do You think I should tell him about his employee’s unpleasant and unwelcome manners?


“Dear Disgusted: It might be better if you threatened the cad first. Tell him bluntly that if he doesn’t keep his remarks and hands to himself you’re going to have a chat with his boss.”

The Forest Park Historical Society became an entity on June 3, 1975. It was the brainchild of Dr. Frank Orland, and came out of the Heritage Committee, part of the year-long Bicentennial Commission set up to honor the nation’s 200th birthday in 1976. Plans were being made to open a museum in th basement of the old library with photos and memorabilia on display. An expanded exhibit exists now in the village hall basement.

From the June/July 1975 issues of the Forest Park Review

Twenty Years Ago
For awhile this newspaper carried a syndicated column by John Sinor. His subject one time was real estate”Lala Land style. Reading it now is a hoot. And the escalation of prices since has to be a holler.

Quoth Sinor: “A nice little bedroom apartment in Laural Canyon with a view. Only $1,025/mo. with proper references … In Pacific Palisades there’s a one-year lease on a single bedroom mobile home”$750/mo. To join the gang in Malibu get a one-bedroom place for $2,200/mo. Then there was Michael Landon’s estate in Beverly Hills. Six bedrooms and 13 baths on seven acres”$9,850,000.” Put your creative smarts to work and guess how much these places are worth today.

Dr. Arthur Jones was roasted at Neilson’s Restaurant in Elmwood Park. He had recently completed 13 years here as superintendent of schools and would soon hold the same post at School District 41 in Glen Ellyn. Jones has long since returned to Forest Park, serving as a driving force behind Mainstreet.

The accompanying photo shows another local force, Wayne Buidens, presenting Jones with an original oil portrait. Buidens, was co-founder of the Circle Theater and one of the most popular teachers ever to teach here. It was a sad loss when he died in 1993 at 44.

From the July 1985 issues of the Forest Park Review

Ten Years Ago
What causes stupidity in young people? Is the young brain not completely formed? Is there a drive to out-dumb one’s peers and thereby gain their respect? Boredom? Is it boredom? Why else would a 10 and 12 year-old arm themselves with spray paint and desecrate a brand new, perfectly nice library, like the one on Jackson and DesPlaines?

The decorations consisted of gang signs and obscenities, and included a couple of cars and a nearby home for good measure. The good news is that the mindless duo was caught by tactical unit officers. The ironic news is that the stupidity was committed before the library had opened. All this by way of reminding you that our new library will mark its tenth birthday Sunday, Oct. 9.

From the JuneJuly issues of the Forest Park Review