The council voted 4-0 to grant a variation request by Doc Ryan’s owner James Shaw to reduce the minimum lot width from 50 to 48 feet for a single family detached residential home in an R-3 High Density Residential District.

Shaw requested the variance in order to convert two 24 foot lots at 1236 Circle Ave. into one 48 foot lot. The Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Commission had both previously recommended approving Shaw’s request.

The council also voted to authorize preliminary and final plat removal for the property.

At the previous Village Council meeting, Commissioners Doolin and Steinbach did not second a motion brought by Hosty to approve Shaw’s request, leading to a verbal outburst by Shaw directed against Doolin. The incident led to Shaw being arrested and promising to file suit against Doolin and the village.

Doolin abstained from voting on Shaw’s request at Monday’s meeting.

 The council unanimously approved a new fee schedule for parking meters. Currently, the village’s meters provide 12 hours of parking for 75 cents. The new structure will raise that rate to $2 for 12 hours of parking.

The ordinance will apply to all 12 hour meters, both in village parking lots and curbside meters, but does not affect the current fees at 12 minute, one hour and two hour meters.

 A closed-session meeting between the commissioners and the Forest Park Park District board to discuss the potential acquisition of the empty Roos building at 7329 W. Harrison was taken off the agenda on Friday due to the lack of a written appraisal of the property.

Though the park board had voted to hold the closed session meeting at their meeting on Thursday, Mayor Anthony Calderone decided to remove the item from the agenda until an appraisal is available.