Blow the whistle
I echo Mr. Backman’s call at the August 8, 2005 Village Council Meeting urging the Council to act on the Whistleblower resolution recently presented to the Mayor and the Commissioners by Commissioner Terry Steinbach. The Mayor at the August 8 Council Meeting suggested that there is no need for the resolution in Forest Park but gave no firm evidence why this should be so. We need more than empty assurances that village employees who uncover malfeasance and dishonesty in government will be rewarded not punished. I urge you to let the Mayor and the Commissioners know that you support the adoption by Forest Park of the Illinois Whistleblowers Reward and Protection Act.

Suzy Ance

This week’s library letter
Either Stephanie Shiller is not a regular patron of the library or she is not very observant, but those of us who love the library and are frequent users know very well that the staff has been the glue that has held this wonderful library together over these past few years. That is precisely why we are so heartbroken and dissapointed when we think of how this great library that worked so well has been undone recently. Jackie Shulz is more aware than most of what has happened at the library because she has belonged to the Friends of the Library for years and also served on the board in the past.

Of course, the library has plenty of books and “tons of magazines and movies.” But the “New Books” section is frequently more empty than full. And I, too, have talked with staff that have been fired, and they agree that things were not as they should have been. And further, I think Ms. Shiller should produce the actual names of “some of the staff that were fired should have been.” None that I know of.

Lastly, it is extremely rude and disrespectful to say to Jackie Shulz (and by extension, to those of us who agree with her) that “if you don’t like it, then don’t go there.” That is what school kids say on the playground when they thumb their noses, and should not be part of a dialogue that involves an entire community when it is trying to improve the future of its public library.

Evelyn Krueger

Democracy in action
Citizens United in Forest Park (CUinFP)sincerely thank Dr. Randolph Tinder, Superintendent of School District #91 and the staff at Field-Stevenson School and the Forest Park Middle School for allowing us to register voters during school registration. Once again, dozens of residents took advantage of this service. The collaboration between District #91 and CUinFP allows our youth to experience democracy in action.

Gloria Backman

Thank you
On Friday August 5 around 5:30 p.m., my sister and handicapped mother returned home after picking up medication. Before my sister could get a firm hold on our mother, she fell to the sidewalk in front of our condo building.

Thank you to the couple headed eastbound on Randolph who immediately stopped and offered assistance, to the gentleman who lifted our mother and carried her safely inside, to the lady who gathered scattered purses and medication. Your kindness and thoughtfulness were greatly appreciated. Fortunately, our mother was not seriously injured. My sister would not have been able to lift our mother herself.

Ceni Castro, Marie and Virginia Grillot