Forty years ago

Idiot’s Parade. The following “activities” were reported on page 8 of the July 23, 1965 Review: Robert Winkler had a close shave Thursday when someone tossed a can of shave cream through his porch window. Eight wheels with tires attached were taken from cars in the Chrysler lot at 7650 Madison. Thomas Leurs was out one ten and one twenty-dollar gold piece when someone reached behind his counter and removed them as his back was turned. Rota Silvera, manager of the laundromat at 949 Harlem, reported that $23.85 in cash had been taken from the cashbox. There were a couple of frustrated burglars who worked all night breaking into the Checker Cleaners store on Madison. For all their effort, they netted nothing. No cash was kept there.

For all this, man remains an industrious animal. Small or no returns will not deter him from making greater efforts next time. Just check any police blotter.

From the July 25, 1965 issue of the Forest Park Review.

Thirty years ago

There’s a bend in the road on DesPlaines Ave. between Roosevelt and Harrison that some have called “Dead Man’s Curve.” Allen Burgar, 29, of Berwyn was tooling his motorcycle south. He misjudged the curve, lost control of his bike, hit the guardrail and was thrown 45 feet, where his body slammed into as tree. Taken by the Fire Dept. to Loyola Hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Editor Larry Kaercher came up with some interesting and revealing figures that may not have changed all that much in 30 years. Condense, if you will, the entire world population down to the size of a town of 1,000. Just 60 persons would represent the total U.S. population; the rest of the world would number 940.

These 60 Americans would earn half the total income of the world. The lowest income group among the “lucky 60” would be much better off than the average in the rest of that town. And they would possess more than 15 times as many goods, per person, as the rest of the world! We would produce 25 percent of the town’s (world’s) total food supply, and consume most of it ourselves. Holy obesity!

See as pattern in all this? Ever wonder why some third worlders are less than fond of us? (Source: 1975 Texas Electric Service Company bulletin.)

From the July 1975 issues of the Forest Park Review.

Twenty years ago

Wesley United Methodist Church welcomed its first female minister, Lana Sutton. Rev. Sutton had lived in Naperville with her husband, Paul, and their two children. Born in Marinette, Wisconsin, she graduated from North Central and Garratte-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston.

Who remembers? Medjugoria, c. 1984 …Hoyt Axton … radon … sportscaster and ex-Bear Johnny Morris … the TV show, Mr. Lucky … Sam Levenson … the designation Y2K and the big dither about abbreviated digits in year numbers … Joey Bishop … Bishop’s Chili … Bishop Fulton J. Sheen … the Bishop Ford Expressway … Ford Madox Ford … Harrison Ford … Ford that stream! … Get those clammers off the mudflats. (Help)

From the August 1985 issues of the Forest Park Review.

Ten years ago

The California resident, visiting in Forest Park, was walking in the 1400 block of Harlem when the Chicago resident accosted him in daylight that was broad, with a stick that was heavy and big. Daniel Lee Jones of 1355 N. Homan Ave., introduced himself by whacking California over the head and requesting that he hand over his wallet or he would receive another severe blow. The stunned victim handed over his wallet from his fallen position.

Three witnesses saw what happened, and one of them ran after Jones, phoning their position to police. The men in blue caught up to the whacker at Harlem and the Eisenhower. After the victim and witnesses identified Jones, he was charged with armed violence, armed robbery and two counts of aggravated battery. California was hospitalized overnight with a calf laceration.

From the July 1995 issues of the Forest Park Review.