The Plan Commission voted unanimously last Tuesday to approve renovation plans at the McDonalds at 420 Desplaines avenue, but attached three conditions to its recommendation to the Village Council:

•  McDonalds must add an exit only to Ferdinand Avenue,

•  The restaurant must add some sort of landscaping or low brick wall around its site.

•  McDonalds must work with the village’s traffic engineer and the Illinois Department of Transportation to study whether the exit to Desplaines avenue should be made right-turn-only or whether motorists should continue to be allowed to turn both south and north on Desplaines.

McDonalds plans to renovate and slightly expand its public spaces and make the facility fully accessible to the disabled. McDonalds also will modernize its drive through lane to have three separate stations in an attempt to speed up order flow.

The Zoning Board of Appeals had recommended limiting the exit to right turn only, but the plan commission preferred allowing motorists to remain able to turn both ways when exiting the premises.

The Plan Commission normally meets the first Monday of the month, but because of Labor Day, last week’s meeting was pushed to Tuesday.