The Forest Park Review was recently honored by the Inland Press Association as the nation’s second best non-daily newspaper with a circulation of less than 5,000.

In its annual contest, the Inland Press Association judges newspapers based on their presentation, readability, community coverage and the presentation of quality writing and execution.

“It is an honor to see the Review recognized for the hard work put in each week by all of our writers, columnists, designers, photographers and everyone else involved in our effort to cover Forest Park in the most thorough and engaging way that we can,” said editor Seth Stern.

Publisher Dan Haley said, “There are public officials in Forest Park, elected and appointed, who are sometimes critical of the Review. They can be critical of forthright news coverage or our considered opinions we state on our editorial page.

Most recently they have made their opinions known in a politically connected newspaper pleasing to their point of view, a feature newspaper which makes no pretense of genuine news reporting. God bless them. But The Review continues to do the work of a legitimate weekly newspaper.

Our growing readership understands what we do. And, with this latest national award, it is clear that our peers in the profession of journalism understand the value of fair reporting.”