This month the Friends of the Library continue their top shelf documentary series with a showing of “Paper Clips,” a film that teaches about intolerance by studying the Holocaust. Show time is 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 22 in the Austin Meeting Room.

Tax season is coming to a close, but remember that we still have stocks of some of the basic state and federal forms, as well as the Circuit Breaker Forms that have been in such demand.

Don’t forget that we have several high quality databases available for your research needs:

First Search: Top flight research sources, authoritative articles and books for quality information. Accessible here at the library, or through our website (www.forestparkpub with your library card.

Facts on File Reference Suite: Another authoritative source for homework help and other good purposes. Includes a special section to search for news stories. Available the same ways as First Search.

Learning Express Library: A huge selection of test preparation products (GED, ACT, SAT, GRE, and many licensing tests) as well as skills development sections. Again, available here at the library or through our website with your library card.

Novelist: A great way to find out “what to read next.” Available the same way as the other items above.

Reference USA: The “mother of all phone books.” You can check for individual residences or businesses, just like the search engines. But you can also do special custom searches by addresses, business types, zip code, etc. Great for anyone in business or just doing serious research beyond “I need a phone number.” Available only in the library.

Submitted by Rodger Brayden,
Library Director