Do you have another quarter?

We’d like it.

Starting next Wednesday the newsstand price of the Forest Park Review will jump from 75 cents to a dollar.

Why? Because the cost of newsprint has been increasing furiously over the past 18 months and we need ways to offset that cost increase. And because we haven’t increased our newsstand price in this century.

Our otherwise attentive readers seem not to have noticed that about six weeks ago we shaved one-inch off the depth of the Review. Not a lot of paper but it will save our company in the tens of thousands of dollars each year.

However, if you’d like to keep your extra quarter, in fact, if you’d like to get the Review for less than one quarter a week (about 23 cents a week) we’d love to enter your subscription. The offer is an 18 month subscription for $18. Now that is a discount. Do you want the paper for 18 weeks for $18 or for 78 weeks for $18? And, of course, we’ll have one of the fine men or women of the United States Postal Service deliver it to your mailbox.

Call our Circulation staff at 708/366-0600 to sign up. Or you can subscribe at

We appreciate your readership more than we can say.

Dan Haley