Forty Years Ago
Which is more usual”to read a newspaper or skim it? Both, I guess. When we’re grabbed by a headline we read on. Anyone skimming page one of the May 19, 1966 Review might have thought someone had run afoul of the law and would serve some time. The small (one-inch) article carried the catchy headline, “Goes to Prison.” It turned out that Forest Parker Carole Moles, a criminology student at Western University in Macomb had spent two days of study at the Joliet Stateville prison. Journalistic deception? Not like today. Just ask Ben Bradlee.

Just immediately north of St. John Lutheran Church and in front of its Christian Day School”that’s the site of the statue of Christ and the Children. It was dedicated 40 years ago. The artist, Ernest Schwidder of Edmonds, Wash., told those gathered that he had striven for “sentiment without sentimentality … and tried to depict a Christ figure with strength as well as compassion and tenderness.” Some also saw suggestions of El Greco in the elongated work.

On the same page carrying the statue article was a picture of, and report on, another Forest Parker, Army PFC John Rosewell, who was seriously wounded in Viet Nam. Things were beginning to go wrong…then there was more elongation. Kinda like today.

From the May 1966 issues of the Forest Park Review

Thirty Years Ago

The phony water meter inspectors were in town again. The most recent attempt to trick a victim into giving up his money occurred when a elderly resident was contacted at his home by men who represented themselves to be from the water department and wanted to inspect his meter. He admitted them to the basement, and after the men pounded on a few pipes they announced that the meter was defective and the victim was entitled to a refund.

The idea was to offer the victim a larger bill and ask for change. When the victim complies the perpetrators then learn where the money is. While change is made the victim is then distracted by one of the thieves as the other helps himself to the victim’s money.

Dear Sally: A young friend of ours, an attorney, handled a legal matter for us in a very capable manner. He has not yet tendered a bill for his service. Shall we just assume there will be no charge, or should we mention something about it to the young man?”HWG

Dear HWG: By all means ask him about his fee. If there is none, thank warmly, then add some sincerity to your thanks by sending him some sort of gift for his kindness.

From the May 12, 1976 issue of the Forest Park Review

Twenty Years Ago

Editor/Publisher Bob Haeger reported “a kind of embarrassing thing that happened to then VP George H. Bush. The veep had applied for a credit card and they called the White House to verify employment. I know some Democrats who might’ve called the oval office after election day of ’00 and ’04 only to be delighted that George W. wasn’t in.

From the May 15, 1986 issue of the Forest Park Review

Ten Years Ago

Ah, Mothers’ Day. What better day for taking a shot at your brother-in-law? Here are the principals: A: the estranged husband, with an order of protection against him. B: His brother-in-law. C: the estranged wife of A and sister of B.

According to police, A starts a 2 a.m. argument with B at C’s condo apartment on the 500 block of Desplaines. A. goes home. B follows him. A (perturbed) gets revolver from his bedroom, waves it, fires it, misses. B. Police arrive and arrest A, who had a sizeable number of arrests already.

Question: What object has six letters when it’s up and nine letters when it’s down? (See end of column for answer.)

Who Remembers? Norman Corwin … Jessica Dragonette … Harry Lillis … Horace Heidt … Gabriel Heatter … Morey Amsterdam … Helen Trent (Who was her Romance?)

From the May 1995 issues of the Forest Park Review