Police found several graffiti tags at the village playground at 16th Street and Circle Avenue, believed to have been created sometime between July 10 and 17.

Some of the tags, according to a police report, read GTSN, which stands for Gangster Two Six Nation and LKK, or Latin King Killer. There were also several symbols indicating disrespect for the Latin Kings, as well as the name Crazy Curly, presumably a moniker used by the vandal.

Members of the Latin Kings, police say, apparently responded by changing LKK to LKN, or Latin Kings Nation, and adding GDK, or Gangster Disciple Killer, and TSK, or Two Six Killer, as well as symbols disrespectful to the Two Six gang and the Ambrose street gang. One tag also read “Amore Crespo D,” or “Love Crispy D.” There was also one tag which read LA, or Latin Angels, and several tags containing profanities or portraying sex acts, according to police.

The Latin Kings and Two Six gangs have been embroiled in an often violent rivalry for several years which has led to numerous murders in Chicago, particularly in the Little Village neighborhood.

Taxi stolen at gas station

A cabdriver reported that his taxi was stolen while he was using the bathroom inside the 7-Eleven/Citgo station at 205 Harlem Ave. on July 22.

A man whose car was parked a few spaces away from the cab told police that the thief, who seemed intoxicated, had asked him for a ride to Chicago, which he refused, before getting into the cab and driving southbound on Harlem Avenue.

A canvass of the area by police turned up no results, but later in the day Chicago police contacted the department to notify them that the taxi had been found unoccupied at 5235 W. Chicago Avenue. Chicago police said a citizen had called to notify them that the cab had struck four parked cars before the driver fled on foot.

Man arrested with pot after dispute over BBQ sauce

Justin Bledsoe, 26, called police on July 19 alleging that the Subtender restaurant at 200 Desplaines Ave. was refusing to give him his food.

An employee said that after ordering and paying for his food, Bledsoe had asked for barbeque sauce and was told he would have to pay extra. He then became angry and asked for his money back, but still demanded his order after getting the refund, according to the employee.

Bledsoe, however, told police that he had received neither his food nor his money. Police asked him to empty his pockets to prove his allegation, and while doing so he pulled out a sandwich bag of marijuana.

According to the police report, Bledsoe told police “this is fake weed, I swear officer its fake,” but at the station the 8 gram bag tested positive for the presence of marijuana.

He was charged with possession of cannabis.

Resident arrested for throwing bottles off balcony

Officers found Arthur E. Petersen, 58, throwing liquor bottles into a parking lot from the balcony of his second floor apartment on the 300 block of Desplaines Avenue on July 18. Officers also found a duffel bag and a bag of potting soil on the ground near the bottles.

Officers knocked on Petersen’s door but he told them to “leave me alone,” barricading himself inside the apartment. He became angry, screaming obscenities at officers. He eventually opened the door and tried to spit at the officers. He was arrested for reckless conduct.

Brick thrown through Community Center window

Officers found that a brick had apparently been thrown through a window at the Howard Mohr Community Center, 7640 Jackson Blvd., on July 18 after responding to a motion alarm.

A check of the area for offenders yielded no results, and at first it appeared that nothing inside had been tampered with, leading police to conclude that it was unlikely that the offender had entered the building.

One employee later said she believed her desk drawers were tampered with. Police tried to process the drawers for fingerprints with no results.

These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between July 14 and 21 and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not yet been adjudicated.

Compiled by Seth Stern