This is a copy of a postcard a friend received written in German. I do not know German so I have no idea what the message is, but my friend has requested an analysis so he will get one.

Since handwriting analysis only considers the strokes and the letter formations, it is not necessary for the analyst to know the language. Language is not a barrier to analysis, nor is age, race, sex, or the religion of the writer. Consequently, handwriting analysis is one of the most nondiscriminatory forms of personality evaluation.

This writing is very small, heavy, rightward, neat, connected, and angular.

Angular writing has sharp U like connecting strokes which are most obvious in the Ms and Ns. The appearance is sharp as opposed to rounded. These writers like to have things under their own control and like to exercise discipline over those under them. They take responsibility seriously, are not afraid of challenges, are practical, and are relentless in their desire to achieve an objective. These writers also have very fixed ideas, and are usually precise, stubborn, and aggressive.

Because of these angles we know that this writer is serious, strict, disciplined, thorough, conscientious, determined, and reliable, but he or she is also suspicious, rigid, unsociable, and uncompromising.

The writing is also very small so the writer has strong powers of concentration. He or she has a critical and theoretical mind and executive ability. He or she has a strong inclination for details and is modest, studious, and thoughtful, but can be overly scrupulous and sometimes is unable to see things in their larger aspect. He or she is also very conservative with money, time, and other resources.

Because the writing is narrow but heavy, we know the writer is reserved, moderate, inhibited, and constantly exercising self-control.

The fact that the writing slants to the right tells us that the writer can be sociable, adaptable, devoted, and affectionate, but these emotions are seldom overdone.

Even though the writing is very small it is also very neat so I know the writer is concise, honest, careful to detail, conventional, talented, and purposeful. He or she is intelligent, logical, goal minded, cooperative, and is a very good worker. At the same time he or she is shy, sell-conscious, and is somewhat withdrawn.

This is the handwriting of someone who is much more comfortable at work than at a party.

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