Editor’s note: The following questions were submitted during the Feb. 7 forum sponsored by the Forest Park Review, the Chamber of Commerce and Main Street. Time did not allow for every question to be presented, so here is the remainder of those points for candidates to ponder.

For all candidates

  • How would you improve decorum and debate on the council so that the residents can believe business is being handled fairly?
  • Do you support the plan to turn Harlem Avenue north of Roosevelt into one long strip mall?
  • If you are not elected, how will you/won’t you support the elected mayor?
  • If you were elected mayor do you think you would be strong enough to lead an all new council?
  • Should the village lobby the federal government to close the reserve center in the next round of base realignment and closure?
  • Have you ever accepted money from Anthony Bruno or any of his companies? If so, please describe.
  • How do the candidates stand with regard to the Army buildup in Iraq?
  • Why can’t we clean up drugs?
  • With some of the turnover occurring in our local police force, will open positions exist in the future?
  • Have there been ethical lapses by the incumbent administration? If so, please specify?
  • Clearly the village has “parking problems.” Have you considered re-visiting the idea of overnight parking with modifications?
  • What would you do to improve the current residential and business zoning laws? What would you do to uphold the zoning laws, especially with respect to parking?
  • Under the Freedom of Information Act, the public body has the option of choice to release or withhold information. The current administration has become more restrictive in what it provides via FOIA. What is your position on this?
  • What would you do to improve the format for all village commissioners and residents to screen, voice and discuss real estate purchases and sales for the village of Forest Park?
  • In his letter to the Forest Park Review, retired officer Steve Johnson mentioned that we have police cars dating back to 1996. Do you consider it necessary to update our fleet of police cars? If so, how would you propose to do it?
  • How would you keep audience participation as an agenda item in council meetings, and would you plan to restrict participation in any way?
  • How would you propose to build cash reserves for Forest Park?
  • How would Forest Park develop community that is sensitive to issues of ethnic diversity and income classes?
  • The past few years have been litigious for the village. How would you influence a climate that allows for resolution without the cost of legal fees?
  • How do you personally feel about the statewide issue of a smoking ban in bars and restaurants?
  • In future years, I-290 will be over hauled by IDOT. What role should Forest Park play?
  • Is the current polarization of the village council the result of conflicting opinions on real issues or conflicting personalities? How would you demagnetize the current polarization?

To Terry Steinbach

  • Will you take a salary if elected?
  • How do you personally restore village finances as stated in your literature?
  • What do you mean by transparency in government? Why is it important?
  • How do you reconcile the fact that you have a lawsuit pending against the village while at the same time running for mayor?
  • On your campaign flyer you state: “Ethical behavior by elected officials is at an all time low.” What part of that as an elected official are you at fault?
  • How do you define transparency in government?
  • If elected, will you work to increase transparency? How?

To Anthony Calderone

  • How do account for the reported depletion of Forest Park’s reserve funds? Where did the money go?
  • To what extent should the mayor get involved in police department decision making?
  • What should be done to reduce legal bills associated with the police department?
  • Now that the property on Beloit is purchased, what are your plans? Where will the funds come from?
  • Do you have any plans to make changes in the police department given recent events?
  • What if anything can you do about our postal system in Forest Park? We sometimes don’t get mail unless we call at 5 p.m. to ask about it. Also we get mail that is meant for other streets.

To Patrick Doolin

  • Why did you vote against enhanced police protection on south side of town?
  • Why do you want to be mayor?
  • You have had several “parting of the ways” in business. How is this a pro for being mayor? How is it a con?
  • What is an independent committee to disseminate public info? Independent from the village? Who’s in charge?