From the pages Forty Years Ago

A four car accident at Roosevelt Road and Circle Avenue sent five people to the Oak Park Hospital with injuries ranging from scratches and bruises to a fractured skull. William Yerkel of Berwyn, Ill., driving a delivery truck, allegedly ran a red light while traveling west on Roosevelt and crashed into a Rambler going north on Circle. After a rollover, the Rambler landed on top of a third car waiting for a light change. The Rambler then came to a final rest upside down on the parkway-with the driver emerging unhurt! Meanwhile Yerkel’s truck bounced off a fourth car also awaiting a light change.

From the Jan. 19, 1967, Forest Park Review

Thirty Years Ago

A few “name” performers were appearing, if not in Forest Park, then close by. Sultry singer and actress Lanie Kazan began a 10-day return engagement at Condesa Del Mar’s Coco Loco Supper Club in Alsip. Joe Conti, who was one of the area’s favorite comics; appeared five nights a week at Richard’s Lilac Lounge, Wolf Road and 22nd Street in Hillside, Ill.

Diana Ross-“An Evening With”-opened at the Arie Crown Theater for five nights. If you’re a Q-Tip (white on the top) it’s easy to remember Ms. Ross as the lead singer of the Supremes in 1964. In 1969 she was named female entertainer of the year by Billboard magazine, then was nominated for the Academy Award for best actress of the year in her first film, “Lady Sings the Blues.”

What’s easily forgotten is that tickets to her show at the Arie Crown ranged from $4.50 to $15.

From the Jan. 12, 1977, Forest Park Review

Twenty Years Ago

Bob Haeger saluted a public servant when it did the public servant some good-while the person was still alive. Fred Marunde was the object of Haeger’s praise, and the recognition came after Marunde completed two terms as mayor (l980-1988) upon the sudden death of Howard Mohr in January 1977 and the interim reign of Commissioner Santo Rizzo.

Marunde was cited as a popular mayor who “got things done.” He was an independent as a person and as a politician. His active involvement in the village was first evidenced in his four-year term as commissioner. Eight years as mayor and four years on the village council marked his time and devotion given to the community. Sadly, Fred Marunde and his wife, Roberta, agreed to forego further active political involvement, instead devoting more time to their terminally ill daughter, Kimary. The couple is alive, well and living in Florida.

From the Dec. 3, 1986, Forest Park Review

Ten Years Ago

The three men and their victim had been playing cards. The game broke up and they decided to get some shut-eye. Next morning the victim (the big winner) was offered a ride home. On the way, the driver turned into Forest Home Cemetery, parking beside an abandoned pumping station near the east bank of the DesPlaines River. The trio demanded the victim’s winnings of $685. A gun was produced and discharged during a struggle, the bullet striking the victim in the arm.

At this point, a family about to visit a nearby grave drove by, and noticed three men scramble and drive off in their truck. They did our police a huge favor by jotting the license plate number. They then spotted the victim stumbling out of the pumping station, bleeding but, as determined later, not seriously wounded. Arrests were made within hours.

Who Remembers? Cade McNown … Johnny Lattner … Ben Adamowski …

Leon Dupres (still with us) … Judge Abner Mikva (still with us) … Garth Brooks … Eval Knieval … Caryl Chessman (longtime San Quentin death row inmate) … Bub City-1990s Chicago tavern with seafood and suds.

From the Jan. 1, 1997, Forest Park Review