Teen phone privileges should only go so far

I read with interest the column by Andrea Blaylock in which she details her unfortunate experience trying to extend a helpful hand to a teenage friend via a cell phone.

I have no children, so it is easy for me to write my recommendation. Perhaps if I did have a child, my view may be different or I may find it much easier to give in and permit my child unlimited cell phone privileges.

It seems to me that the way to deal with this would be to give a teenage child the type of cell phone that some carriers are apparently putting out, which they intend to market to children much younger than 16. This would be a phone where the child is restricted to calling numbers that have been programmed into the phone by the person paying the bill. Beyond that, the phone could be under a prepaid plan which gives the child user a limited number of minutes to use over a certain period of time.

If after all of these limitations, the child in question would still run out of minutes, then he/she would run out of privileges as well.

David Meyer
Forest Park

Worthwhile signs

Stop signs on Madison. What happened to these? Someone was killed a few weeks ago and already these signs are not being put up.

I was crossing Madison at a crosswalk on Saturday afternoon, 4/14/07, 6 p.m., with a young couple and their baby. The couple was just about run over by cars not stopping for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Out of respect for the man who was run over they should keep these stop signs on the crosswalks for at least a couple of months.

Kevin Gulbrandsen
Forest Park


Last week’s comments by Mr. Mike Sturino (“Drivers ignore local sticker ordinance”) are true. However, he and the mayor fail to mention that the sticker is a tax. Not paying taxes means jail. Pull the paddy wagon into my condominium lot and bring a cash register!

Jerry Krzak
Forest Park